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  • About Coma Records

    Coma Records is an online record shop operating in Athens, Greece. Panos & Stelios run the whole thing. We sell mostly brand new stuff, which you have access to through this website, but there’s also a fair amount of used CDs and LPs from our personal collection, soon to be available through our upcoming discogs page .

    Coma Records was there all along, we just couldn’t see it. It was in the works for too long. Well, it doesn't matter, we made it. What matters is the unstoppable power of rock’n’roll, the deep grooves that make your body tremble, the euphoria of listening to a favorite song. What drives us and surrounds us is the passion for music (the kind that’s good enough for us, anyway). It’s happening. Join in. Cheers, Panos & Stelios

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