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David Bowie – Heroes (LP)

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Although it was the second instalment of David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy, “Heroes” was in fact the only album to be written and recorded entirely within the city. The multi-instrumentalist Bowie was joined by many of the same musicians who had worked on his previous album, Low, including guitarist Carlos Alomar, drummer Dennis Davis, and bassist George Murray, and a similar rhythmic-rock spark ignites the group once again. Brian Eno took a place behind the keyboard, setting up his unique brand of studio know-how and synth-science in contrast to the more traditional interplay of the rhythm section.
But what really elevated “Heroes” to another place entirely were the contributions of King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. Although Neu!’s Michael Rother had originally been tapped to play, Fripp was a more than worthy substitute, electrifying the album with bolts of razor-sharp steel. The prog maestro reportedly recorded all of his contributions in one six hour-burst, harnessing his improvisatory impulse by soloing over material as he heard it for the very first time. On songs such as the opener, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ it sounds as if barbed wire has been coiled across the studio ceiling. Coupled with the quickly recorded rhythm tracks, this helped create the frenzied, undulating energy that makes “Heroes” an exhilarating experience to this day.
Despite the album’s ironic quotation-marked title, “Heroes” marked a moment of genuine soul-searching for Bowie. The Berlin Trilogy as a whole represented a kind of ego-death for the thirty year old star, who had already experienced such unbelievable highs and such crushing lows throughout his most successful decade.

Label: Parlophone

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