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Motorpsycho – Ancient Astronauts

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In four tracks, Motorpsycho present a summary of their exploits in the past years: blistering prog rock, experimental soundscapes, heavy rock grooves, theatrical breakdowns, and lengthy, epic buildups. A new Motorpsycho album is always a good cause for some heavy speculation. The band is pictured for the first time in ages on their album cover – what does it mean? As the band playfully explains themselves, the image, as well as the music contained behind it, can either be as philosophical or as trivial as you want: “There is probably no hidden message in this, but something about these pictures rhymed with the music somehow, and they seemed as good a visual companion as any other. ” They were also taken just days before the recordings were made, and are as such good visual documents of the flavour of the period. The fact that the band look like utter twats from outer space is obviously either a result of their ambition to look like members of Sun Ra’s Arkestra and/or to be actors in a movie. Or maybe that’s just what they chose to wear on the day? After all, nothing compliments a gong in a barley headdress, and those Norwegian forests do tend to get cold at night, even in summer… Anyway, the resulting ‘look’ felt so perfectly alien that the album title kinda revealed itself, like some hidden knowledge left there for the band to discover.” Recorded in Amper Tone Studio in Oslo in the summer of 2021, Ancient Astronauts is the first Motorpsycho record in some years to have been recorded as a three piece (excluding the guest appearance of Deathprod). The four songs comprising the album – two instrumental, two with vocals – are a further document from a peerless group with nothing to prove, easelessly traversing the ground between progressive and heavy rock, experimental noise and the tranceinducing jams that are the hallmark of their live show.

Label: Stickman Records

Cat.No.: Psychobabble125

Pre-Order / Release Date: 2022-09-02

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