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The Ano Nobo Quartet – The Strings Of SThe Strings Of São Domingos (2LP)

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In the small inland town of S?o Domingos on Cape Verde’s Santiago Island, The Ano Nobo Quartet delivers a fresh take on Koladera, a guitar-driven, subtly rhythmic sound of a lighter spirit. Their sound tells a global story with Cape Verde at its center, a creole melting pot in the middle of the Atlantic attracting the best from four continents: hypnotic, haunting Koladera guitars inflected with?twangs of Salsa Cubano, Spanish Flamenco, Brazilian Samba Can??o, Jamaican Reggae, Argentine Tango, Mozambican Marrabenta, and finished with a dash of Black American Blues. It?s all here. Absent percussion, the quartet?s sound still drips with rhythm. Rich, raw acoustic music you can dance to.

Label: Ostinato Records

UPC: 827565062898

Cat.No.: OSTLP011

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