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The Steams – Mild Conquest (LP)

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Four years after their debut album “Wild Ferment”, The Steams have returned with their sophomore record “Mild Conquest”. Representing a modern ancient Greek tragedy, the album consists of 9 tracks that deliver on a variety of fronts pulling in elements that made the debut so great. With impactful storytelling through thoughtful lyrics and wild charismatic echoes, The Steams paint very layered and etherial landscapes. Lofty melodies with powerful chords, traditional instruments such as the qanun, lute and bagpipe and a surprising cameo by greek pop star George Mazonakis prologuing one of the songs, make Mild Conquest an exploratory album that will penetrate deeper into your memory banks with each listen. Inspired by the American acid rock that peaked at the end of the 1960s, as well as the more mature, mystical influences of classic psychedelia of the early 1970s, the four-member band The Steams is currently at the forefront of the Athenian neo-psyche scene. Their first album, Wild Ferment, was released in 2018 and their second one, “Mild Conquest”, in June 2022. They have appeared alongside La Femme, The Cure, Michael Kiwanuka, Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Lumerians, Naxatras, and others.

Label: Self Released

Pre-Order / Release Date: 2022-10-28

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