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Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy (LP)

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There is unrestrained energy coursing through ‘Heavy Heavy’, the fourth album from Scottish trio Young Fathers. The numerous styles that fill their sonic smorgasbord – soul, pop, rock, hip-hop, noise – fit together neatly here like the pieces of a puzzle; the band never once sounding disjointed when one sound gives way to the next, often within the same track. In a similar vein to their previous material, the listener is quickly swept along on the Mercury Prize-winning band’s latest dark and dense pop journey that achieves what many artists ultimately aspire to: creating and then honing a sound entirely of their own making.
‘Heavy Heavy’ is a passionate, soulful and often mesmerising work that will stick around long past the first listen. Succinct and underpinned by a catchy melodic structure, it continues Young Fathers’ peerless run of singular albums and further cements them as one of the more unique acts to exist today.


Alternative/Indie/Punk, Electronic Music/Dance, Hip-Hop/R'n'B/Neo-Soul, Indie Rock/Shoegaze

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