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Διάφανα Κρίνα – Κάτι Σαράβαλες Καρδιές (CD)

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Diafana Krina was a Greek rock band. It consisted of Thanos Anestopoulos (voice, acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano), Nikos Bardis (guitars, trumpet, percussion, metal speaker), Kyriakos Tsoukalas (guitars, keys, percussion, soundgenerator),Pantelis Rodostoglou (electric bass), Tasos Mahas(drums, percussion) and Panagiotis Berlis (voice, keyboards).The band had started in the early 1990s and made a sensation with its 1st album and successful concerts. Here is their 2nd release with assimilated elements from several different places. Psychedelia, rock, dark wave, sensitive lyrics, romantic notes some of the characteristics of their songs.


Alternative/Indie/Punk, Post Punk/New Wave





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