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Coti – Metamemoria (LP)

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“Metamemoria” is an early ambient work of the brilliant musician and producer Coti K. It was initially released on cd in 2001 via Vibrant Music and is considered as an important release in the history of Greek electronic music.

Metamemory (also known as Socratic awareness) is the self-awareness of memory that has important implications on how people learn and use their memories. This album mimics the endless layers of human memory by creating soundscapes that vary from relaxing and mellow to intruding and irritating, combining both industrial and natural electronic elements.

The album features guest appearances from Blaine L. Reininger (M Key), Nikos Veliotis (Tiptoe, Sea Level), Dimitris Koutsohionis (Sea Level) and Christos Lainas (Giorni Grigi, Silenziosi)


Ambient, Electronic Music/Dance





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