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Cozmic Corridors – Cozmic Corridors (LP)

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A vinyl reissue of an ultra rare (no surviving copies are known to exist!) underground kraut-kosmische monster, recorded/produced circa 1972-’73 in Cologne by Toby “The Mad Twiddler” Robinson for his Pyramid label. The band featured Mythos drummer Hans-Jürgen Pütz on percussion and effects, alongside synth/keyboard freak Alex Meyer, poet/vocalist Pauline Fund and a mysterious guitarist named Peter Förster. Expect tripped out electronic ambient soundscapes, dark atmosphere, drones, plenty of MiniMoog, gothic Hammond organ, Rhodes, electric and 12-string acoustic guitars, ritual chants, effects and a cinematic horror vibe.


Kraut/Kosmische Musik/Progressive Electronic, Progressive Rock (60s-70s), Rock/Pop 60s-70s

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