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Frumpy – Frumpy 2 (LP)

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Frumpy 2 is considered the masterpiece of this early 70’s German band. Just four long tracks (all but one over ten minutes long) dominated by the great keyboard playing of Frenchman Jean-Jacques Kravetz. Inga Rumpf’s vocals are so rough that many may think it’s a man singing! She is often considered “the German Janis Joplin”. A great combination of blues, classical, R&B, progressive and hard rock elements, featuring long, instrumental workouts. The musicianship is excellent, particularly the terrific organ solos. Every track is a winner. This one should please both fans of early 70’s hard rock as well as progressive rock connosieurs. Simply put, one of the best German rock albums of the 70’s.


Hard Rock, Kraut/Kosmische Musik/Progressive Electronic, Progressive Rock (60s-70s), Rock/Pop 60s-70s



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