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Διονύσης Σαββόπουλος – Το Φορτηγό (LP)

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It will sound trivial to talk about the importance and potency of this album. It is more than certain that without this album the current musical landscape would be completely different. “Το Φορτηγό ” violently invaded the musical things, but also in our lives, and changed the scene. “It’s a series of physical breathing exercises”, as Savvopoulos himself notes on the back cover of the album, is the testimony of a man, who for almost 40 consecutive years “sits on burning coals” and transforms into a song everything that smolders him.
Reissue, 180gr


Folk (60s-70s), Folk/Singer-Songwriter (60s-70s), Rock/Pop 60s-70s, Singer-Songwriter/Folk





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