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Motorpsycho – Let Them Eat Cake (LP Pink)

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Let them Eat Cake, presented a seismic shift in musical focus that has reverberated through the Motorpsychodelic universe ever since: a tip of the hat to the top dogs of the sixties pop renaissance, this was as close to ‘sunshine pop’ as Motorpsycho ever got, and by adding a dash of southern rock into the mix, the result was fresh but still recognizably motorpsychodelic. The recordings involved string quartets and horn sections, ‘teenage pop symphonies to god’ galore, mellophone chorales and singing saws, and displayed a pop flair never previously showcased in the band’s history. The album won yet another Spellemannspris and topped the charts, and is still regarded a stone classic in the Motorpsycho canon.


Alternative Rock/Grunge, Alternative/Indie/Punk, Neo-Psychedelia, Psychedelic Rock (60s-70s), Rock/Pop 60s-70s

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