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Neu! – Neu! (LP White)

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Having broken off from an early incarnation of Kraftwerk, Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger quickly began the recording sessions for what would become Neu!. The pair recorded the album in four nights in December 1971 in Star Studios in Hamburg, with the up-and-coming Krautrock producer Conny Plank, as Dinger had with Kraftwerk. Dinger noted that Plank served as a “mediator” between the often disagreeing factions within the band.
Neu is music with the proper documentation: it passes from one musical realm to another without the jackbooted border patrol so much as blinking an eye: this is sound with the highest level security clearance. And when it shifts from one sound to the next, it never winks at you with postmodern irony, never elbows you in the ribs to let you in on the joke. Neu is truly a citizen of the musical universe, at home everywhere and everywhere at once.


Kraut/Kosmische Musik/Progressive Electronic, Rock/Pop 60s-70s

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