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Nomik – I Ain’t Gonna Be a King (CD)

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The album refers to the human understanding of love and life itself. The artist expresses in his way how a woman loves and is loved, how according to her moods she can or cannot be accessible, how she sometimes can be a distant unreachable dream, that can easily be converted into a chimera, a blessing or a utopia. 10 real stories, expressed with all the literal elements of real and fictional aspects of the female personality and existence, which reflect thousands of hidden stories out there, and luckily there are countless types of women. The result is simply intoxicating. Highly introspective, often melancholic, with moments of great inspiration and always melodic “I Ain ‘ t Gonna Be A King” is a composition of classic jazz, instrumental and electronic rock, retro Greek using sounds from the decades of the 50s, 60s and 70s as well as of today. Piano, violins, accordion, percussion, bass, guitar and many other aspects mixed beautifully to give a very special effect in this stunning arrangement. Some could say the album is a therapeutic experience that ends in a number of realisations, many life lessons and in the end the ever growing concept of the artist’s vision on innocence, mind, body, sexuality, ugliness.. Expressing the details of the summer, the mist, time, and life itself into a wonderful conceptive album with lyrics simple and sweet in this unique creation. 10 creations inspired by Them and above all dedicated to Them.


Alternative/Indie/Punk, Contemporary Singer-Songwriter, Singer-Songwriter/Folk





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