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Coma Records kicked off in 2021 as an online record shop based in Athens, Greece. We’ve got a solid lineup of brand-new vinyl records spanning across different genres. Whether you’re into classic rock, contemporary jazz, heavy metal, or anything in between, our collection has you covered. At Coma Records, it’s all about the music we love to share.

We, Panos & Stelios, met 20 years ago and have remained best friends ever since. What drives us is the passion for music, the kind of music we love to share and opening up a record store has always been a dream of ours.

Our goal is to offer you a fast and friendly service with low shipping rates and good prices and establish a community of passionate music lovers with particular interest in the independent music scene.

We’re all about new discoveries, so we’re constantly updating our database and offers in order to keep bringing you only the very best music and vinyl releases, carefully selected based on years of continuous research, listening and vinyl records collecting.

We stock all our products in our own warehouse and orders are picked, processed and packaged in a matter of hours. Right now, we can only be found online, but hold on tight because we have plans to open up a physical store really soon.