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Andwella – To Dream (3LP)

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Hold on to your mind! Led by Belfast-born phenom David Lewis, Andwella made three LPs circa 1970 for London’s Reflection label, redolent with Creamy rock workouts, soaring post-Sgt. Pepper psych experimentation, and earthbound laments The Band might’ve dreamt up at Big Pink. Barely heard back then, they now conjure a popular rock fantasia to challenge the most expertly composed and orchestrated songs of the era.

This deluxe set includes meticulous reproductions of the band’s 3-LP discography, plus an ephemera-packed booklet detailing Lewis’s brief moment as a downbeat songwriting visionary at the height of his powers.


Side A
1. The Days Grew Longer For Love
2. Sunday
3. Lost A Number Found A King
4. Man Without A Name
5. Clockwork Man
6. Cocaine

Side B
1. Shades Of Grey
2. High On A Mountain
3. Andwella
4. Midday Sun
5. Take My Road
6. Felix
7. Goodbye

Side C
1. Hold On To Your Mind
2. Lady Love
3. Michael Fitzhenry
4. I’m Just Happy To See You Get Her
5. Just How Long

Side D
1. World’s End Part I
2. World’s End Part II
3. Back On The Road
4. I Got A Woman
5. Reason For Living
6. Shadow Of The Night

Side E
1. She Taught Me To Love
2. Saint Bartholomew
3. The World Of Angelique
4. Mississippi Water
5. I’ve Got My Own

Side F
1. Are You Ready
2. Four Days In September
3. Lazy Days
4. People’s People
5. Behind The Painted Screen
6. All For You

Release date: 2024-03-15


Heavy Psych, Progressive Rock (60s-70s), Psychedelic Rock (60s-70s), Rock/Pop 60s-70s

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