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Bersarin Quartett – Bersarin Quartett (CD)

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There is really no official “quartet” as such – just supporting musicians revolving around German composer Thomas Bucker – but the name does suggest the intimacy of chamber music if not its small-scale sound. The self-titled debut album Bersarin Quartett (2008) is spread on a a wide canvas. The opening tracks are slow, lumbering breakbeats cradling warm strings – a kind of filmic trip-hop ala early Nightmares On Wax. Then there’s the more landscaped pieces like the beatless “Inversion”, its dark chords rendered with strings and moody synths. The swelling one-chord drone of “Und Die Welt Steht Still” is the equivalent of an enormous object growing in size on the horizon as you rush towards it, engulfing the space all round you before slowly receding from view again. Different again is “Es Kann Nicht Ewig Winter Sein” which juxtaposes eerie Arabic-flavoured strings with a smooching bassline and jazzy drum pattern. It’s in such moments as this that Bucker sounds quite unlike anyone else, carving a new, personal niche in electro-acoustic ambient music.


Ambient, Avant-Garde/Experimental, Classical Music, Electronic Music/Dance

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