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Echo Train – Memento Mori (LP)

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Echo Train is a psychedelic rock band conceived in Athens 2013, by the guitarist and producer Greggy K, singer Ren, and their fellow art photographer G. Lathyris, during a performance in a theatre play. They say Echo is their muse, and train is the vehicle they chose to transport their soul in the spiral forms of time. After recording their first demos and musical ideas at ?White Studio? in Kypseli, joined by many friends and musicians, they completed their line up by Nick Sid( keys) and Eddie Theofanidis( bass) and Gregorio Perico. On December 2016 psychedelic collective Echo Train has revealed 300 copies debut album Memento Mori, a colorful journey into pagan landscapes and sounds, with outbursts of 60s pop psychedelia, reverberated blues, folk and lots of hallucinating climaxes. The album received very positive reviews by music press and psych forums.


Alternative/Indie/Punk, Neo-Psychedelia

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