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Empty Frame – They Think We Are Eskimos – 10th Anniversary (LP 2021 Reissue)

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Many new bands tend to quickly record their stuff and capture their first formative years on tape, but that wasn’t the case with us. We wrote continuously, changed and skipped stuff, hand-distributed two demos, tested the material on stage, we definitely took our time with this, our debut album ”They Think We Are Eskimos”.
Recording an album of our own songs always seemed like a dream achievement for us. We were ecstatic to even make it, let alone being satisfied by the result. It was only released on CD at the time and it sold out relatively quickly. It definitely put us on the map.
The music of Empty Frame is a constant battle between light and dark, it is sensitive and angry at the same time and undoubtedly, we never wanted to be pigeonholed in a genre or defined by a style. Sometimes it’s better to follow the road less travelled.
To mark the occasion of its 10th anniversary, we’re pressing the album on 100 limited numbered vinyl copies.
Take refuge in this record, we’re so proud of it.
Cheers XXX



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