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Empty Frame – Underdogs

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Coma Records proudly presents Empty Frame’s new album “Underdogs” which is scheduled for release on March 1st 2024 and marks the beginning of a new era for the band.

In “Underdogs” the heavier, post-rock and psychedelic elements that have always been part of their music, now dominate, without hiding the unique melodic aspects that have made Empty Frame stand out for so many years in the Greek rock scene.

Underdogs are all those people who have suffered oppression, discrimination, violence and facing their dead ends, wake up/breathe and rebel. “Underdogs”, however, is a word that also fits Empty Frame too, who, after almost twenty years, continue their journey creating, despite adversity, losses and personal dark moments.

This is the sound of a re-energized band combining the immediacy and commanding power of the pummeling guitar-bass-drums trio on the one hand and their trademark soaring cello-violin combo on the other, a sound that matters and exists in the moment.


Alternative Rock/Grunge, Alternative/Indie/Punk, Post Rock

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