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Evritigi Zygia – Ormenion (LP)

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Teranga Beat proudly presents Ormenion, a record by the group Evritiki Zygia. Ormenion is a historical region that dates back to the Byzantine Empire. It is the northernmost inhabited region of Greece, where the last railway station of the country is located. During the 1920’s it was inhabited by refugees coming from the North and Eastern Thrace. Immigration is central to the history of the region of Thrace, where there are many songs that refer to refugees and moving populations. The name of the particular place was selected as the album title due to its delicate cultural and geographic status: Ormenion coincides with the borders of three different countries (Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey) and its history counts several waves of immigration that gave way to cultural and even linguistic exchange -elements that obviously left their mark on the group.


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