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Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra – Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra (CD)

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Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra is a quartet of contemporary experimental music. They combine traditional, classical, electric and electronic instruments as sources, they employ the technique of live looping and they move between deliberate synthesis and improvisation. The different influences and timbres work like a real science experiment with liquids of different densities: no matter how you mix them, they eventually don’t mix and they create clear layers. So in FaMOr’s music one can distinguish jazz and tradition, rock, electronica and of course noise elements in one set, without losing any of their character and tone.
Their debut self-titled album is a great adventure of music exploration pushing the boundaries with a new innovative sound and offering an entirely new concept of what the mandolin can do.


Avant-Garde/Experimental, Classical Music, Free Jazz/Spititual/Avant-Garde, Jazz





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