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Les Big Byrd – The Eternal Light Brigade (LP)

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The Swedish supergroup swirl psych, Krautrock, space-rock into a trippy concoction.
On the contrary, the indisputable talent pool of members Jocke Åhlund (Caesars, Smile, Teddybears), Frans Johansson (Fireside) and Nino Keller (Caesars, Slaves) seems to grow into a whole even greater than its parts — just as it should be with real good band. So when Les Big Byrd mix their wayward concoction of psychedelic rock, kraut, swirling synths and irresistible pop hooks, they manage to create something that breathes true freedom. Monotonous, hypnotic and driving but never for a moment dull, Les Big Byrd’s mind-expanding space rock is a perfect vehicle for anyone who wants to travel to the cosmos in a space rocket scribbled with forlorn romance.


Alternative/Indie/Punk, Neo-Psychedelia

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