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Long Live – Long Live (LP)

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Long Live started in 1997 in Thessaloniki based on an idea by Giorgos Symeonidis of the legendary Thessaloniki metal group Sarissa and continues to this day, having given more than 3000 lives with Greek and foreign artists such as B. Papakonstantinou, F. Pliatsikas, T. Panoussis , Nazareth, Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Dr Feelgood, Eric Sardinas and others. The original line-up of Long Live included Giorgos Symeonidis voice, Laki Ragaza guitars, Stelios Tzioumerkas bass, Vangelis Notopoulos bass and Alexandros Dimarelli drums, who can be heard on the recordings of side 1 while later the line-up consisted of Giorgos Symeonidis voice, Laki Ragaza guitars , Stelio Tzioumerka bass and Giorgos Motesnitsa drums, who can be heard on the 2nd side of the vinyl. Since 1997, Long Live has been playing hard / heavy rock, which they recorded on 2 cd-ep’s in 2000 and 2005. B-otherSide records together with Vinylmania Records presents the whole of Long Live’s recordings in a edition of 200 numbered vinyls, which contain a four-page insert with photos of the group from the Giorgos Symeonidis archive and song lyrics. The master was taken over by the very experienced Yiannis Kyris, while the cover was created based on an idea by Giorgos Symeonidis.


Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal

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