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Δημήτρης Πουλικάκος – Μεταφοραί Εκδρομαί Ο Μήτσος (LP)

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“Transport – Excursions Mitsos” still stands today as the most paradoxical and emblematic album produced by the Greek rock scene. It was released in 1976, when the shackles of hunched censorship were abolished, but it mainly includes recordings and compositions created in the heart of the seven-year period. Signs of this period can be found in the lyrics of the songs, especially “What You Tell Us” and “No Substance, Irrelevant”. Much more, however, it is ironic and thematically deals with the micro-urban way of life that remained unparalleled, with everyday life in all its laborious, boring or hypocritical manifestations.


Psychedelic Rock (60s-70s), Rock/Pop 60s-70s





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