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Peeping Tom – Peeping Tom (LP)

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Finally back in print after over a decade, the one and only Peeping Tom album. The album is one of Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle)’s most sought after albums. The guests on the album are an amazing array of musicians, including Norah Jones, Massive Attack, Kool Keith and more.

In keeping with the landmark 1960 psychological horror film that inspired its name, Peeping Tom had its genesis as a modus operandi devoid of physical intimacy. Patton would write songs with a wishlist of theoretical collaborators in mind, then hope for a reply in the form of a finished track. “It’s an exotic way of working for someone accustomed to a band environment,” Patton says. “It was charming, really. None of the usual Animal House stuff. Instead of swapping spit and underwear, we were swapping files.”

The album also includes contributions from Amon Tobin, Bebel Gilberto, Dub Trio, Kid Koala, Dale Crover, Rahzel and several of Patton’s Bay Area running buddies, such as Dan ‘the Automator’ Nakamura, and Jel, Odd Nosdam and Dose One of hip-hop collective, anticon. The end result is an utterly unique multi-genre / multi-artist departure from Patton’s more recent noisy output – one that would ultimately have to be classified as a pop record. A Mike Patton pop record, but a pop record, nonetheless.

The vinyl has been out of print since its initial release in 2006 and this reissue features a die-cut sleeve, different from the original release.


Side A
1. Five Seconds [4:20]
2. Mojo [3:40]
3. Don’t Even Trip [5:46]
4. Getaway [3:22]
5. Your Neighborhood Spaceman [5:45]

Side B
1. Kill The DJ [4:09]
2. Caipirinha [2:46]
3. Celebrity Death Match [3:42]
4. How U Feelin? [2:44]
5. Sucker [2:33]
6. We’re Not Alone (Remix) [5:10]


Alternative Rock/Grunge, Alternative/Indie/Punk

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