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Sunflowers – Endless Voyage (LP)

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A conceptual sci-fi record about the end of the world, the rise of the machine, doubt about one’s individuality and the acceptance of chaos.
Listening to it, the classic psych punk, noisy pop sound that the band has been preaching has been polished and tamed (to some degree) with a fresh air of exploration into their sound. A ping pong game between pulsing drums, bouncy bass, reverberated echoes of vocals and loud schizophrenic guitars meet a mellower, smoothed electronic compositions that go deep into the band’s musical knowledge.
Truly a rollercoaster of a record, ‘Endless Voyage’ runs smoothly through its 40 minutes, pulling you in and out of a trance you forget your in. Then morning comes and you realise you’ve been fully gripped by it, leaving a howling hiss in your ears and your soul.


Alternative Rock/Grunge, Alternative/Indie/Punk, Neo-Psychedelia

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