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Catapilla – Catapilla (LP)

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Jazz-infused prog rock act Catapilla began in London in 1970, with saxophonists Robert Calvert (who later worked with Daevid Allen in various Gong spin-off projects) and Hugh Eaglestone, bassist Dave Taylor (of chart-topping pop act Edison Lighthouse, and later active in hard-rock group, Liar), along with drummer Malcolm Frith, guitarist Graham Wilson and clarinet player/flautist, Thierry Rheinhardt; original vocalist ‘Lady’ Jo Meek quit early (to work with the keyboardist, poet and science fiction author Julian Jay Savarin) and was duly replaced by her sister, Anna, whose gutsy gasps gave the band its noteworthy difference, along with the woodwinds and horns. Former Millionaires’ bassist Cliff Cooper (who had worked with producer Joe Meek before founding Orange Amplifiers), brought Catapilla to the attention of Black Sabbath’s manager, Patrick Meehan, who swiftly got them a contract with Vertigo, Philips’ prog subsidiary; this self-titled debut has four freaky tracks, including the side-long closer, ‘Embryonic Fusion.’


Jazz-Funk/Jazz Rock/Fusion, Progressive Rock (60s-70s), Rock/Pop 60s-70s

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