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The Walkabouts – Nighttown (2LP+CD)

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Since it was founded in 1984, one big topic has been at the center of the extensive work of the Walkabouts: America – a mythical place of longings, hopes, contradictions and inconsistencies. So also on the 1997 released second album for the Virgin label: “Nighttown”. Again the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra is there, again arranger Mark Nichols. Spurred on by their experiences with “Devil’s Road” (1996), the Walkabouts now dare to do things that they previously thought were exaggerated. String arrangements are usually used in pop music for kitschy purposes, in “Nighttown” they contribute to the artful darkening of the already dream-like atmosphere. “The Walkabouts are embarrassing romantics, self-confident outsiders, melancholy bon vivants who know: existence is a long, calm river that leads right into the heart of darkness,” wrote the “Musikexpress” at the time. The 180 gram double vinyl comes with two CDs.

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Alternative Rock/Grunge, Alternative/Indie/Punk, Americana/Alternative Country, Contemporary Singer-Songwriter, Singer-Songwriter/Folk

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